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That everyone who thirsteth for the truth may obtain it, these publications are, as a Christian service, provided without charge. They levy but one exaction: the soul's obligation to itself to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good. The only strings attached to this free proffer are the golden strands of Eden and the crimson cords of Calvary - the ties that bind.
Benjamin L. Roden

Branch Lesson No. 1[BL 2-1]

Subject: EZEKIEL 9 in the light of the 430 year PROPHECY.
1. First: Bro. Houteff tells us we will know the exact date of the Judgment of the Living. Shepherd's Rod Vol. 2 page 220:3

"Is there any way whereby we can determine the time of the opening of the seal, and the commencement of the judgment for the living? If God so faithfully revealed to the living the commencement of the judgment for the dead, it can not be possible that He would keep secret the time of the judgment for the living. If He did, we would have no present truth in the time of the last seal; neither could there be justice in such secrecy, nor could such judgment be legal. Therefore, a revelation of the judgment for the living is of as great importance as the revelation of the gospel itself. For the judgment (blotting out the sins) is the crowning act in the gospel of Christ. Thus we conclude that when the seal is opened, and the judgment for the living begins, we must know it. The day of atonement in its type proves the same, for the Israelites were well informed of the event, their duty, and the consequence." 2 SR page 220. Also read 2U TG 11:13:1.

2. Second: It did not start in 1929 – Tract 3:43:3

"As the cleansings called for in the parables and in Malachi's prophecy have never taken place, the investigative judgment of the living is obviously, then, yet future."

3. Then: The clue as to when the judgment of the living starts is given in 1 SR page 116 – at the end of 430 year prophecy of Eze. 4.
4. Note: Chart on page 133 of 1 SR says the date of 1500 is not exact. Read 1 SR page 116:2-3.

"We may suppose the 390 year period began in about 1500 A.D., (when Luther found the Bible), and ended in 1890 A.D. where the 40 year period began, which would end in 1930. However we cannot point out the exact day or month, or even the year, ... The prophecy by Ezekiel gives the information in detail from the beginning of Luther's reformation to Ezekiel 9, marking of the 144,000, and unrolling scroll, (not all in regard to this matter is yet understood; nor will it be understood until the unrolling of the scroll.' Volume 6, page 17)."

"It makes it clear that there is a 430 year period from the reformation by Luther to the purification of the church."

5. So we reason: 1. Luther was only a boy of 17 in 1500.
2. He had just begun to study for the priesthood in the Catholic Church.
3. This date marked the reformation in his personal life.
4. The reformation against the Catholic Church did not begin then – 1500.
6. Therefore: We find the first civil act in Luther's life (legal record) which indicated a reformation against the Catholic Church was his marriage to an escaped nun, Katherine Von Bora, in 1525 (as recorded in "Guiding Lights" by F.E. Cook page 170), at the mature age of 42.

This was contrary to the authority and principles of the Catholic Church which forbade either the priests or the nuns to marry.

7. Adding: 430 and 1525 equals 1955 – the end of the 430 year prophecy – and beginning of Ezekiel 9 – Investigative judgment of the living.
8. Conclusion: 1955 is the beginning of The Judgment of the Living (investigative) to the house of God – The Sanctuary – Davidians who have the greatest light.

"The experience at Sinai is a symbol of the re-organization of the church, God Himself takes charge of the flock." 1 SR page 100:1.

Page 2

9. Now: What is the Investigation like? (Ezekiel 9)
10. Consider: Brother Houteff's comment on Rev. 11:13Timely Greetings. Unrevised, 2-15:12:1.

He classes

1. Rev. 11:13
2. Isa. 66:16                         All equal to Ezekiel 9.
3. E.W. p. 270.

11. Quote: "A tenth part of the city must represent the Lord's part, the tithe, so to speak. The earthquake therefore represents a shaking in the church of God. The remnant who give glory to God, can only be the faithful who survive the shaking. Thus is the Church purified. This earthquake, then, is symbolical of the slaughter of Ezekiel Nine, and coincides with Isaiah 66:16."

"....the Truth stands out that the shaking takes place before the Gospel work is finished." 2 TG 15:12 – Before probation closes for the church!

12. Early Writings p. 270:
    "... Some will not bear this straight testimony. They will rise up against it, and, this is what will cause a shaking among God's people."
14. Bro. Houteff places:
    1. Matt. 25
2. Eze. 1                         All at Ezekiel 9, see Tract 3:43:3 and 47:3
3. Mal. 3:1-3
15. Quote: 3:43:3.

"As the cleansings called for in the parables and in Malachi's prophecy have never taken place, the investigative judgment of the living is obviously, then, yet future. This investigative work is therefore occasioned by the work of separation in the earthly sanctuary (church), as brought to view 'also in Ezekiel 9."

16. Quote: 3:47:3.

"Inescapably, therefore, the Lord's coming to His temple (Mal. 3:1-3), His coming with all His angels (Matt. 25), and His coming enthroned above the living creatures (Ezek. 1), – all three representing the same event as has been shown, – take place at the beginning of the judgment of the living: the time in which the judicial activities of the heavenly sanctuary extend to the earthly sanctuarythe church." D.S.D.A. then S.D.A.


"And he who does not reform at the moment he is convinced of the Truth will not reform later." Ans. Book 2:34: 1.

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